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Why people play online bingo...

Bingo is a favourite national pastime and online bingo seems to have even wider appeal. But why do people play online bingo? Here are just a few of the multitude of common reasons:

The prizes

this is a part of playing bingo that seems to be forgotten about when discussing why people play. But the truth is that some online bingo sites have serious money up for grabs and ordinary people playing from their own homes win these on a daily basis.

The community

bingo sites have done something rather clever – they’ve hit on the perfect mix of the hugely popular online gaming and social networking sites. Whilst playing online bingo you can chat to people, ask about how to play if you’re unsure, and make new friends who enjoy some of the same things you do – things that aren’t so easy offline.

The choice

playing bingo online offers you more variety and control than in any offline bingo hall. If you are in the mood for a certain game or theme at any minute of the day you will be able to find one online. You can often pick your favourite virtual caller, the colour of your dabber and even the sound effects to create your ideal bingo environment.

Fitting it in

online bingo has the flexibility to fit in with your free time. It may be that you love playing bingo but can’t find the time to get down to the hall when the games you like are on. In that case online bingo could be perfect as it can be slotted in for half an hour anytime, 24/7. So you can get a bingo fix at 2 in the morning in your pyjamas, or while the kids are doing their homework, or whenever you fancy playing.

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